Corporate events & productions

Are you planning an event on Ibiza? About Summer Ibiza proudly  plans your corporate event,  product launch or supports your island production.  


Corporate Events

No matter what the occasion is, planning is what we love to do. Thinking about every detail, making sure all the involved suppliers are managed and working on a spectacular result that all the guests will remember. Whether the goal is to boost your team, to launch a spectacular product, extend the relationship with partners or to celebrate a special occasion. About Summer Ibiza makes it happen on the island. 
Do not hesitate to reach out for more information and to discuss your idea. 

Productions on Ibiza

Over the last year I have gained a huge network on the island. Therefor I am a driven and hands-on local fixer or producer on the island. Are you in need of a permit to film on the island or do you need local staff to support your production? Let's speak about your film, photoshoot, commercial or other production. 

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