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Ibiza's finest wedding & eventplanning

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Island wedding

Ibiza is a breathtaking destination to celebrate your love. With more than 300 days of sun, a huge variation of beautiful venues and the possibility to dance under the stars, the island has all you could wish for. As an experienced planners About Summer Ibiza will turn your dreams into reality. With an extensive network, knowledge and passion for event planning we will create the most magical day(s) of your life. 


Wedding management

It all starts with a consult where we get to know you as couple and speak about your dream wedding. We can envision what you have in mind and discuss what which tasks we can fulfill and provide you with an indication of the budget. 

Once you have confirmed our work we will work on your wedding, the actual planning process starts. We'll have frequent meetings, search for your perfect venue, design mood boards to create the right atmosphere, create a customised wedding menu and work-out ideas for music and entertainment. 


We believe planning should be fun for you, while we do the hard work. 

Let's make the magic happen!

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Picture RAW Material Ibiza


Ten years ago Juliette moved to Ibiza, the island where she never felt more at home. With (corporate) event planning experience in The Netherlands she worked on lots of weddings, corporate events and productions on the island. Weddings are her true passion as it is such an important moment of the couple's life.  It's a huge responsibility but aso the most rewarding role to create a true fairytale. 

Juliette's passion is to guide couples every step of the way. From the very first brainstorm to the impressive event itself. She will manage all the involved suppliers to achieve the best results and will do everything to go beyond your expectations. Her patience, enthusiasm and professional attitude work contagious to clients.  Her goal is to create a bespoke, magical and unforgettable event where her passion and love can be felt. Creating magical moments and making sure you can enjoy your wedding to the fullest are her goal. 


Are you ready to dream with your eyes wide open?


"Let's make the magic happen"

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