Happy couples

Words cannot describe how thankful I am for Juliette from About Summer Ibiza. She has been above and beyond for us. 

Wedding planning is no joke! And I am no easy customer...;)

But Juliette has all the patience in the world, and no request was too much.

People always say to me; things go wrong all the time on the day of the wedding! Well, happy to share that everything was PERFECT! 

Exactly how we wished for... 

The wedding was MAGICAL. Good energy, easy vibes.. no stress. 

Beautiful designs, perfect service, delicious food and good music. 


"Our friends call this the most beautiful wedding they have
been to!"


Trust in the professionals Juliette recommends, as they work in harmony together. 


It will take me some time to mentally process all the beauty of this day and night... It was the most special day of our lives. 


Juliette, I will love you forever, you are now part of our family.

Gloria and Bill

New York

Fabulous picture by Matt Morgan Photography